Privacy Policy  
Our site is proudly using our own customized Shopping Bag residing on an SSL enabled server with AES 256bit encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard).

AES provides strong encryption and has been selected by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard in November 2001 (FIPS-197), and in June 2003 the U.S. Government (NSA) announced that AES is secure enough to protect classified information up to the TOP SECRET level, which is the highest security level and defined as information which would cause "exceptionally grave damage" to national security if disclosed to the public.

You can rest assured that if the US governement trusts their data with AES encryption, then you can trust our Shopping Bag with your personal information as well.

We do not give, sell, or distribute any information provided on your order to anyone. This information is for our use only in order for us to be able to contact you concerning your order. We normally attempt to contact our customers by email, but on occasion, we will attempt contact by phone. If you do not want us to call you, please let us know that in the "Comments" area of your order form. In such case, please make sure that you have provided us with a current and working email address which you check regularly.